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Thanks to Manny Redondo's work there are a lot more people in the Borealis' infirmary than there usually are after a battle. This is not a good thing in terms of privacy, quiet, or supplies, but given the whole genetic bottleneck thing the planet's currently facing, it's far from the worst possible outcome.

Arnold, the medic from City 17, is just one of the countless overworked Resistance staffers in the infirmary today. How overworked, you ask? Well, this is Arnold. During Gordon Freeman's assault on City 17, Arnold informed his compatriots that 'when all this is over, I'm gonna mate'. Right now, Arnold's pretty sure he'd give up sex or the chance thereof if it got him a little slack. Or if it got one particular patient of his to stop trying to get up and walk around because dammit, bug juice or no, he's just not ready yet.

Please, for the love of God, someone interrupt him.
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It's been a long damn week for... well, everyone, really. But Alyx Vance has to be near the top of the Longest Long Damn Week list. And judging by the shouting match she's hearing from the direction of the infirmary, it's about to get even longer.

"What the hell's going on here?"
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"Shephard." Alyx cuts him off in mid-epithet. "Are we currently under attack? Yes or no."
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"You would know if we were under attack, Shephard," says Alyx. "That's what the comms are for. If anything occurs that you need to be out of bed for, you will hear about it. But you haven't, so there isn't, so sit your ass down, soldier."
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One hopes at least some of that survival instinct is "obey your commanding officer."

"Good man." Alyx turns to Arnold. "Now, remind me, how long a bed rest did you recommend for him?"
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"That's what I thought." To Shephard: "Now, are you going to follow doctor's orders or are we going to have to strap you down to the bed?"
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"You don't have to 'pretend' anything. Just try not to disturb the other patients."
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"I think we can arrange that," says Alyx, her expression softening just a little. "In the meantime..."

She leans back out the infirmary door and makes a beckoning gesture to someone in the hallway. That someone walks in.

Sorry, hovers in.
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".... . .-.. .-.. --- / ... .... . .--. .... .- .-. -..," the little robot beeps, waving back.

"Skitch is going to be helping out in the infirmary for a while," Alyx explains. "If you need anything brought to you, just ask him."
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"You're welcome. Now, is that sufficient incentive to actually stay in bed and get better?"
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"Look at it this way, Shephard," says Alyx after a moment's thought. "You're the sole member of the Marine Corps now. You need to set an example for future generations. What kind of example does it set for you to disobey orders and try to go back to field work when you're not capable yet?"
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"I'll get you some things to read," says Alyx. "And maybe a video player, if I can find one. Okay?"
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Alyx just gives him a Look.
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"-... ..- - / .... --- .-- / .-- .. .-.. .-.. / -.-- --- ..- / --. . - / -.-- --- ..- .-. / .--. .- -. - ... / ..- -. -... ..- - - --- -. . -..?"

( But how will you get your pants unbuttoned? )