hecu_marine: (civvies)
Sergeant-Major Adrian Shephard ([personal profile] hecu_marine) wrote2013-08-22 10:10 am

The Next Day

It's the day after arriving in the village. The trolls' hunt was successful, the reaction spectacular. Jecinaldo met with each of the Americans separately and then had an extended sit-down with Mari, of which Mari does not particularly intend to speak. Other discussions were had and other things were handled, and ultimately everything was set up to happen the next day.

When you have the better part of a Satere-Mawe village gathered around the town's common meeting area to see five young men pass the ant rite for the twenty-fourth time, there's a certain anticipatory atmosphere to the event. It's only mildly disrupted by the pointing and murmuring caused by two non-Brazilian white people and two Alternian trolls making their way up to the place.

This is gonna get interesting.

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