hecu_marine: (seen from right (b&w))
Sergeant-Major Adrian Shephard ([personal profile] hecu_marine) wrote2013-10-22 12:10 am

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Shephard's been doing his best since encountering the little jadeblood grub. There aren't a whole lot of troll childcare manuals out there. Mostly he's been working from the premise that what worked for him during Cubefall should probably work now, which is why there's a cocoon-tub-thing in what little floor space of his room isn't taken up by notebooks and Mrs. Wilson. Got to keep the sopor slime somewhere, it's not like he's going to let the grub sleep someplace he can't keep an eye on her.

Thing is, she's worse than a cat. No matter where you put her down to sleep, sooner or later you wake up with the little wriggler huddled up on top of your blankets.

Oh well. He'll deal. He's exhausted enough not to give a damn after a week of child care and cheerful threats and profanities (trolls get schoolfed, he vaguely remembers that, but that's no reason not to teach her a little vocabulary, right?).

So, yeah, he's probably snoring at the moment. He does that sometimes.

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