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CWDT 2013

He's been shooting, he's been running; it's been a day. He even got the chance to get out and walk his trapline, resulting in a fair few demon rabbit pelts he'll be tanning just as soon as possible. Bar's been giving him more credit lately for the skins he's turned in, so he figures he's been getting pretty good at those. It's all good, really.

'Course, that doesn't mean he hasn't got other responsibilities, too, especially now. And those are kind of sitting on his thoughts no matter where he goes or what he does, at home or in the Bar or outside or anywhere else.

There's probably somebody he ought to talk to about that.
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Well, if he's still outside, he might find somebody near the foot of the mountains.

Specifically, near one of the little streams that runs down into the lake, peering down into the water with claws poised to spear anything tasty-looking that might swim by.
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Indeed she does.

"Hi Shepurrd!" Nepeta waves.
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"Okay! I can't believe it's already getting cold again," she says, waving a hand. "I don't know if I'll efur get used to these short Earth years."
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"Defurnitely. Of course, then it'll only be like thr33 months befur the nights start getting shorter again."

She flops back on the bank, abandoning the stream for the moment. "How're you doing?"
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She pauses, and frowns. "You mean our Kanaya, or the grub Kanaya?"
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"... how could they be the same purrson?"
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"Oh." She looks a little taken aback. "Is she still here? Is she okay? Did she say anything about how everynyan is back home?"
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"A picture? Can I s33?"

She bounces closer, looking hopeful.

(And trying not to feel hurt that Kanaya's gone back that quickly, without so much as waiting to say hello.)
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Nepeta studies it.

Slightly small-voiced: "That's so sw33t."
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She looks up at him, a little defiantly.

"What do you mean, not suppurrsed to be here?"
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"So how come she couldn't stay? Once that was ofur and she was back to her regular age again?"
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Nepeta still looks a little mutinous, but nods at the mention of Rose. If she and Kanaya are going to be matesprits, then ... well ...

"I guess getting back was impurrtant." She sighs. "Meowbe she'll get to come back here sometime soon."
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She looks up at him warily. "What?"
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Nepeta blinks.

"But she had a lusus."
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"But you don't even have the same blood color, how does that work?"

She isn't so much objecting as just bewildered.
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"...meowbe. Or ... you were taking care of her, meowbe she just sort of ... developed a custodial affurction?"
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Nepeta blinks again.

"That's so weird," she says furvently fervently.
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"That might be weird for Kanaya too. I don't know if her lusus could talk. Mine nefur could, until she was a sprite during the Sgrub game."
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She nods. "Pounce de Leon."

A sigh. "I miss her."
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Nepeta leans against him.
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Barely above a whisper: "I wish you could be my purrtend dad too."
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... Yeah, Shephard's getting hugged within an inch of his life right about now.