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in progress

The houndeyes aren't coming to Svalbard. Shephard loves his dogs dearly but there is no way in Hell he's bringing those little boogers to an unfamiliar environment that's almost certainly crawling with predators. It's bad enough at home. So, he's taking what time he can with them now, including bringing them to Milliways for training runs.

And maybe drumming up some other company while he's at it. He happened to notice a familiar face heading into one of the upstairs doors the other day, so today he's found that door and he's banging on it.

The sun may or may not be actually up yet. Just sayin'.
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Chuck wakes up immediately, swinging his feet out of bed.

"What're the de--" the light switch is not in the right place. This is not the Shatterdome. It's unlikely a kaiju has exited the Breach. (There's no Breach.)


He can still get dressed in about thirty seconds, in a pinch, so when he finds the light switch he does exactly that. And cracks open the door to glare at his interrupter.
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"... Right," Chuck says. He stares at Shephard for a moment longer, and then disappears.

He comes back wearing a pair of trainers, and a baseball cap.

It only takes him a step out the door to notice the eyehounds, and press back up against it. "The bloody hell are those?"
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Chuck's mouth opens slightly, then closes. He doesn't look away from the sitting ...things.

"Their blood toxic?" he asks, leaving aside the issue of how those are not dogs for the moment because their blue glow is eerily familiar.
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"Okay," Chuck says. "In kaiju, those blue streaks are from where their capillaries are close to the surface, and their blood is... nasty."
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"Yeah?" Chuck's grinning, kind of, when he looks back at Shephard. "Because I was damn near quaking in my boots that they'd start stepping on everything."

He shuts the door behind him. "You gonna hang around in the hallway all day?" Chuck asks, starting to walk. "Because I'm going running."
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"Oh, are we racing?"

Because, spoiler: he's totally going to win that one.
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"See, I don't know where you get the idea I'm anything but straight-laced."

Chuck gives off the impression of being short and belligerent, but really he's just the second.

It's probably how he squares his shoulders and faces the world like he's probably going to headbutt it.

Anyway, what we're saying is, Shephard's still got a good two inches on him, and Chuck's not beyond using his headstart to 'accidently' block his path.
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Chuck was expecting retaliation, which is why he lets himself fall forward--

And snag an arm solidly around Shephard's legs on his way down.
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Chuck laughs, all but bouncing back to his feet.

He's really young, and his worst injuries acquired killed him (and so didn't stick). There're some benefits.

"Nah," he says, being mindful of Shephard's arm length. "just faster than you."

He has just enough sportsmanship to wait until Shephard's about to stand up to take off.
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"Don't play that game, you bloody fossil," Chuck says, both irritated and entertained. "I'd bet breakfast I could out-run you, but there's no way I could out-pace you."

Not without obstacles.
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Chuck looks to the mountain immediately, brow furrowing slightly. "We don't need to make a race of it, but I wouldn't say no to seeing them."
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"Sure," Chuck says, shrugging. "It's worth a look, at least. Back home it's all indoors."

It is fucking cold out. Chuck doesn't say that, though, just blows slightly on his hands and raises his eyebrows at Shephard.
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Chuck's hit a mental snag.

"How in hell do the mountains only have one side?"