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After Shephard's bartending shift is over, he heads on down to the garage. Not that his bike's not up to the pseudo-Scottish weather outside, but it's less likely to wind up on the wrong end of some maniac using grenades on the firearms range if it's underground.

Yes, he's still sore about that.

Anyway, through one thing and another he winds up safely out back with the Buell at his side, its paint freshly waxed and its engine glowing blue.

Well, he did say there were upgrades.
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Lesgle has been trying to make himself useful about the kitchen; while Shephard tended bar, Lesgle found himself cleaning out a mysteriously-malfunctioning freezer (it had been fine just that morning) and hunting up the broken pieces of a coffee cup that flung itself onto the floor when he wasn't even trying to wash it.

So the rat staff are just as glad to see the back of him as he saunters down to meet Shephard and the motorcycle. (A real live motorized velocip├Ęde!)

((Oh man, sorry it took me so long to get back to this; things kept coming up this evening.))
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Of course it is. Bossuet takes off his hat and gives a little bow. "An elegant conveyance. Does she have a name?"
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That's okay, Bossuet's not really a swords kind of guy either.

"I wouldn't know an internal combustion engine from a steam engine, I'm afraid. But now she has...?" Shiny, it's definitely shiny. That's certain.
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"And it is a very fast engine, I trust?" Because, let's be honest, everyone wants to know if a motor cycle can go fast. "The color is wonderful. A sort of enameled effect, gorgeous."
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He sighs approvingly, and walks around the machine a bit to get a look from other angles. "I can't remember now how fast Teja said that his can go, but it was hard to believe. And this surpasses it? --I don't know why it should be so fascinating, a thing that goes fast, but I remember wanting to know the same thing about my father's new carriage when I was a little boy. And so you do the work yourself?"
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"Ah, well, that's a mother's job." He grins a bit ruefully at the previous owner, the one with the finances. Lesgle's been in that position himself. "Do you get it on the road much? Or--will you, once you have the brakes sorted out?"
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"No horses?" The thought startles him out of his admiration of the motorcycle for a moment. Of course if there are no dogs, no deer, none of that, there would be no horses either, but--what a sad world. "I've always thought well of horses. I'm no rider, but I've always felt for the good old fellows pulling the omnibus and the diligence."

But that's a digression. He looks unabashedly hopeful at the mention of passengers.
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"A helmet, by all means. I've cracked my skull more than enough times. Just tell me what to do." He'll do his very best not to break anything--of his own or of the motorcycle's.

Bossuet looks at the motorcycle. "Not so far to fall as from a horse."
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Lesgle listens as he pulls on the gloves, as attentively as he would to battle plans. "Tap you on the back hard if we need to stop; twice when I'm on and ready to go. Hold the handrails. Don't touch your arms or shoulders, and lean with you and not away. Yes?"

He'll need a little help with the unfamiliar helmet, and it's going to look absurd over his 1830s coat and trousers, but absurd or not he's soon ready.
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Get on from the left, Shephard had said, and Bossuet does. It's really not very much like getting on a horse at all: but at least a machine isn't going to judge you and make offended ear-twitches if it doubts your riding ability. Bossuet's respect for horses tends to be one-sided.

He waits for Shephard's guidance to get his feet right, and finds the handrails.

Right. Let's see how this thing goes! He gives Shephard a couple of taps on the back and hopes that nothing goes too wrong.
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It's still plenty of rattle and hum as far as Lesgle's concerned--at least at first. But once they start going, the smoothness and quiet become more and more astonishing. It shouldn't be possible to go so fast with so little fuss. (Of course, it shouldn't be possible to go so fast at all in the first place.)

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"Allons-y," he shouts cheerfully. He hadn't heard much of what Shephard said--something about forty miles, he'd caught, and something about taking the speed up. Allons-y!

He's doing his best on the curves. At least he's pretty sure he's not leaning in the wrong direction and making things immeasurably harder. And he's refusing to countenance the question of what if I fall off.
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Oh, well, there are still plenty of ways he could end up with an unconscious and bleeding Frenchman! Bossuet's doing his best not to get too complacent back there in the passenger seat--not that whizzing along like this among mysterious contraptions lends itself to complacency.

He'd had no idea there was so much garage.
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No, definitely not. To tell the truth, once they passed best-racehorse-I-heard-of speeds, he's been closing his eyes a fair amount. Which doesn't really help much every time he opens them and everything is still moving and blurring.

But now that they're less blurry, and more recognizable as things, he does a little more looking around.
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Lesgle clings to the handrails a bit longer than strictly necessary, but once he sees Shephard's feet on the ground, he eases up and goes to take off his own helmet. He has to take a few deep breaths. And loosen his cravat. "--Ah. I've seen pictures, reading up on the history of the future. But not quite like this, I think?" He doesn't have an eye for aircraft, but this one seems...lumpy. He nods to the Osprey.
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"Without having to land?" He pinches the bridge of his nose, trying to picture the business of the engines pointing one way or another. Friends had once explained to him--or tried to explain--da Vinci's proposed flying machines, and for one remarkably exciting evening he had held the concepts in his mind. The next morning, they'd been replaced with a hangover.
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"Yes?" Laigle eyes the Osprey uneasily. "I quite enjoy it in dreams. But I expect the reality doesn't compare. It's...very fast, I take it?"
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"Who keeps them? --In your world, I mean, though I do rather wonder who has them here as well. But--does a well-to-do bourgeois keep a private airplane? Are they strictly military?"
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"Ah, trains." Bossuet looks wistful. "I missed their development in France by some few years: I left that station too early to buy a ticket. But yes, I see. The omnibus of the air."
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"Like a boat? --Have you ever--" He clears his throat and looks profoundly sheepish. "Have you ever been in a balloon? Does anyone here keep a balloon? They were a very exciting development in my time."
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"Hydrogen, generally. I believe someone has crossed the Channel in one--a matter of some two and a half hours, no comparison to your Osprey. Some of my friends would have given their eye teeth for a chance at a trip up in a balloon with some scientific instruments." He shakes his head, smiling.
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Lesgle gives a pleased nod at the name Montgolfier. Nothing like a little national pride--and France is objectively pretty amazing, as far as he's concerned.

The aircraft wing is a little daunting, to tell the truth. It seems as though everything just keeps getting larger and larger, infinitely so. Bossuet pats Shephard's shoulder lightly. "Time to return, I think. Possibly at a mere racehorse speed...?"