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Traditionally, sea travel is supposed to have at least some stretch of time during which the ship's crew complement has time to stare out at the ocean and get unaccountably philosophical, or at least stare out at the ocean and speculate about things of their own choosing. The problem with this is that it requires the use of a normal shjip. When you are the commanding officer of a vessel with a built-in portal generator, there is very little reason not to go from your starting location to your final destination in the span of ten seconds, other than maybe needing to come down in open water and pick your way into the harbor to dock safely. That does not leave much time to do anything other than your immediate duty, really.

Shephard's been thinking anyway. His service's old reputation to the contrary.

There's one part of the Cheat River that's been enlarged by rockslide and flood and a dozen different things to the point where it's deep enough and wide enough to hold a ship of Borealis' size safely. Their most recent voyage left from there and hit all the major population clusters left on the planet with nearby bodies of water, distributing the most recent batch of seeds, root cuttings, and animal germ plasm taken from the pre-Combine repositories in exchange for various local products. There were a few places where defensive actions had to be undertaken, but nothing spectacular or over-long, so neither his ship nor his Marines have been particularly dinged up by the trip. (Well, except for the part where Maripyaipok's people got out the damn ants again when the Americans arrived, but that doesn't count any more.) They're back in the Cheat waters now, and they're going to spend a little down time in Rowlesburg, and then there's gonna be the usual trip back to the Greenbrier and business will resume as usual.

Maybe. Shephard's got some people to find and talk to about that.

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