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Sergeant-Major Adrian Shephard ([personal profile] hecu_marine) wrote2015-06-12 12:45 pm

Sparring [in progress]

Hey, Hansen, have you been sleeping well lately?

Because at 4:30 in the morning there's gonna be the kind of knocking on your door that only comes from a very insistent metal fist.

Shephard doesn't take no for an answer.
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"Oh, fuck you," Chuck calls, but he's dressed post haste before he climbs the ladder on Tacit Ronin and opens the hatch. "I've got a walkie-talkie system, you know."
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"Right. You want to start by climbing down the Jaeger?"

It's sarcastic, but Chuck's all for it instead of using an elevator. That's a warm-up he can do in his semi-sleep!
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Chuck grins at him, and pops out the hatch. He takes a quick stretch. "Here, you can follow, mate -- it's not that complicated, but it helps to have someone who knows where the spurs are, right?"

It's less dangerous than it was when Chuck first found Tacit, because now it'd be hard to fall further than 20 feet given all the scaffolding around the Jaeger.
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Chuck's walking along the shoulder, more careless than he was in the past. He's tired, and he now knows this Jaeger better than anything short of Striker herself.

Two meters from the edge of the shoulder, there's the first spike, and he bends down to grab it, trusting his hand to hold his wait as he slips down, grabbing the spur right below it and taking a moment to feel for his footing.

Then he's headed down.
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Normally, Chuck would rest at some point in the middle, but all he uses the scaffolding for this time is to get around a tricky section by the hip.

He's becoming aware, as he wakes up, that Shephard's likely going to make a fool of him soon enough. It's worth it to set a good first impression before all that happens.
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Chuck leans against the leg of Tacit Ronin, a couple meters from the end of the spikes. He's quiet, and not out of breath, but his mouth has flattened as he waits for Shephard.

He's think that he could probably get around and hide up in the carapace without getting caught. A Jaeger's a veritable maze to the uninitiated.

But that'd be stupid. He asked for Shep's help.

"Hey," Chuck calls up. "You stuck, mate?"
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"Right," Chuck says, and even though there's an edge of sarcasm -- joking, mostly! -- he did sort of forget Shephard has to worry about that sort of thing.
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"What," Chuck says, bemused, "here?"

He thought Shephard was more of a lake guy.
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"Yeah, but there aren't doors when you don't have a car," Chuck says, suddenly grumpy, "and I can't see us running through the bar."
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Chuck tilts his head, and straightens. "Yeah, whatever."

He doesn't believe in waiting for a start timer, when he already knows Shephard is fast.
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Chuck's smart enough not to start out at a dead run. Unfortunately, he doesn't exactly run enough to know the pace of his own body. He's much more used to long, extended speed-walking.

(It's way more badass when you're in a Jaeger, okay.)

So while he's pulling ahead, this isn't exactly a pace he can keep up.

The elevator's not that far, right?
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Chuck's panting a little, at the elevator, but he's controlled it by the time Shephard gets there.

"I should get water before we head out," he says, once Shephard's there. He's eyeing him as he says it -- no one in the Jaeger corps would disagree, but Shephard's weird.
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Chuck nods, relaxing slightly, and gets a big glass from the Bar that he downs two of in quick succession.

He's from Australia. Dehydration is a serious concern.

The bottle of water bar provides has a weird hand-mitt on it.

"Huh," Chuck says, as he follows Shephard out the door, slipping it on. "Weird, but kind of useful, I guess."
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Warmup isn't a race. So Chuck tries to pace himself to Shephard, but every time he stops thinking about it too hard he speeds up.

He's getting pretty frustrated, to go by the tone of his sighs every time he has to slow back down.

It's not like he can't do this, right? It's just so hard to sync his motions to someone who isn't in the back of his head.
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"Have to be doing something wrong if I can't even match a simple bloody pace," Chuck says, but goes for as casual as absolutely possible.
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"I'm trying not to get in front of you."
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Chuck doesn't get that reference, but he gets the gist.

He throws his hands up and stops.

"I'm trying to follow your lead, mate. I'm just fucking it up. You're the expert here, okay? I shouldn't have to have a bloody psychic bond to not screw up training."
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"I dunno," Chuck says, quieter. "Can't hurt, can it?"
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... The look Chuck gives Shephard is minorly disbelieving, but he doesn't contest it.

It works a lot better than not having anything at all.
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Chuck doesn't wait for them to get back to the bar. He flops, instead, worn rather more ragged than Shephard, and drinks the last of his water.

Keeping a reasonable pace definitely helped, though.

"Maybe we should just spar out here," he says, half serious, before rolling back to his feet.
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Chuck's about to make fun of him for the comment, before he catches himself.

Luck has it, Shephard would make them stay out and spar in the rain. That'd suck.

Instead, he follows him down to the gym.
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Chuck shrugs. "I guess? I mean, I don't know size specifically -- but if he's going for a full standard kwoon, like academy level, then yeah. Definitely a more specialized set-up."
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Chuck's not exactly a pushover, but his stamina has clearly suffered from the lack of regular training.

He actually kind of does better against Shephard than Ysalwen and Enjolras, though -- in part because of the practice with the previous two, and in part because Shephard fights more like he expects.

That doesn't mean it goes well. But, hey, what else is practice for?