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Some things you ask permission for over the radio, and some things are best done in person.

Shephard figures he'll have an easier time if he doesn't have to explain Milliways to every asshole who might pick up on radio communications between Rowlesburg and White Sulfur Springs, which is why he's taken the Buell to go see Ms. Vance.

(The fact that, thanks to Barsoomian engineering, the 155-mile trip through squiggly roads in awful states of repair took him maybe an hour and fifteen minutes... well, he's not gonna mention that to anyone.)
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It may take some looking to find Ms. Vance. She's not at home right now, nor is she in the restored bits of the Greenbrier Hotel that are being used for meeting and workspaces. No, she's in the bunker, in a chamber that's been carefully sealed so that no light will enter from the corridors. Said chamber is lit only by red darkroom bulbs and the phosphorescent glow of the microorganisms being cultivated in several repurposed fishtanks.
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That... was not a voice she was expecting to hear.

"Shephard?? When did you get here?"
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(She's long since given up trying to get Shephard not to call her that.)

"Hold on--" It takes Alyx a couple of minutes to put all of the testing equipment back in its proper place and unseal and reseal the doors in order to get out into the hallway. "Sorry, but those Xen microbes are really sensitive to environmental changes and it's taken almost a year and a half to figure out the right conditions to get them to reproduce and what exactly are you doing in Greenbrier on no notice?"
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Alyx quirks an eyebrow. "Something serious enough you couldn't discuss it over T-Minus?"
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"Fair enough. So what's this combat mission?"
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Alyx looks thoughtful. "Who else is going? Do you know?"
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"Any specifics other than 'search and extract'?"
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Alyx nods. "Well, I'm sure you can handle it. You have my permission."
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Alyx huffs an exaggerated sigh. "Well, since I don't have time to go off Nazi-killing myself, I guess that'll have to do."