hecu_marine: John Cusack in WW II US Army fatigues and helmet, holding a rifle, looking unimpressed (carbine)
Sergeant-Major Adrian Shephard ([personal profile] hecu_marine) wrote2015-06-16 06:32 pm

(no subject)

Some things you ask permission for over the radio, and some things are best done in person.

Shephard figures he'll have an easier time if he doesn't have to explain Milliways to every asshole who might pick up on radio communications between Rowlesburg and White Sulfur Springs, which is why he's taken the Buell to go see Ms. Vance.

(The fact that, thanks to Barsoomian engineering, the 155-mile trip through squiggly roads in awful states of repair took him maybe an hour and fifteen minutes... well, he's not gonna mention that to anyone.)

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