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Shephard's not entirely clear on exactly when the Douglas kid is from- they didn't teach the kings of Scotland when he was in school- but he knows it's a damn long while back. This is going to be a day for Xen monsters and hunting. Showing off his ship is not on the menu- by the time he got done explaining Borealis alone, never mind PIaDOS, they'd likely have lost so much daylight as to make safe travel in the woods a serious problem. Better, then, to come into Milliways from somewhere a little more explicable- the smokehouse outside the main Rowlesburg cave entrance'll do.

So if Shephard smells like a weird combination of wood smoke and some unknown meat or something when he comes through to Milliways all geared up for a hunting expedition, William, that's why.
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That's probably a good call, about the ship. William might think he's up for anything, but let's start with something straightforward. Like alien monsters.

He turns up in hunting gear too, sturdy and practical, with bow and arrows. And the beer and wine he'd promised in payment for Shephard's rabbit-skins. "I don't know if you want these now, but I can help you stow them wherever you want."
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"Bacon, aye? Well, that's no so bad. Don't like the sound of that venom, though."

He'd put the beer down for a moment; now he hoists it up again. "Right, well. Lead on?"
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He whistles. "We've no real true wild boar in Scotland, but I've been up against some that had gone wild from farms. And been right glad of my bow then--and a horse and a pack of dogs." So yeah, he can appreciate the comparison.

But it's a comparison that puts a cocky little bounce in his step as he pokes his head out the door, and then steps through. "Well this is a bonny spot. WOuldny think it was full of monsters at all."
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"Oh, I'm ready for anything," he answers, because he's eighteen and thinks it's true. "But you tell me what you're in the mood to look for."

He's gazing around the smokehouse as they talk; if you took just a quick glance in the room you'd think it was just ordinary stuff, but the more you look the more you have to wonder what the living animals are shaped like. "So...these are out in those trees, are they?"
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And hey, Shephard's still here, so surely it must be he was ready for anything!

Yeah, William's bouncing off towards that stand of trees with far too much enthusiasm. But he's not an idiot. He knows his bow and his dagger, and he's looking around like someone who's grown up a hunter in terrain not too different from this.
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Yeah, that counts! William makes a face as they come piling down on them, but it's hard not to laugh once they're all milling around. "Jesus, it's like any pack of hounds. Do they hunt together well?"

((ah, sorry i wasn't around much today!))
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"Here we go, then!" His grin is huge and very genuine: YAY MAYBE THERE ARE MONSTERS.

It's a little troubling how easy it is to fall in behind Shephard's uncanny pack as if they really are just dogs. And how easy it is to trot along in these woods as if he's just at home, not in some other world. But even if the trees are different, the smell of the earth different in a way he doesn't even consciously perceive, there's something so ordinary about the crunch of leaves underfoot, the wobble of a loose stone. "What else have you got in these woods, then," he asks quietly. "Wolves?"
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He'd expected barking, not this...noise. If he hadn't seen them with his own eyes he'd know these things were monsters just hearing them: that's an uncanny sound, a sound from another world. And then come the THINGS.

Guard your face had his dagger out: he wishes now he'd readied an arrow, with the things in the trees. It's just a fraction of a second's thought, as is the quick glance to Shephard to see his approach.

...and yeah, the mun obviously knows nothing at all about hunting, so blame her for any REALLY DUMB mistakes William Douglas makes!
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You're an idiot, William Douglas is what he's thinking as he quickly readies his bow; but at least he is quick with that, and his aim is good. He has the one dead ahead of them.
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Yeah, all right--he gets the idea pretty quick, watching for the monsters to falter after Shephard's dogs bark. (He's already thinking of them as dogs, which would perhaps worry him if he thought about it. But they're the pack animals hunting with you: of course they're dogs.) And when they're done, he's grinning happily as he wipes goo off his dagger. "Nah, I'm fine. --That was a grand hunt! What do you do with them now? Are they worth eating, or skinning, or...?" He nudges one with his foot. "Are they good for anything at all?"
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"Aye?" He crouches down to take a look at the beak and teeth, and after some consideration sets to prizing out a tooth with his dagger. "No one would believe me at home if I tried to say what sort of beast it's from, but that's all right."

Jesus, he's going to have to give a careful account of this to Jamie: some nightmare-free version of monster hunting.

"So who all are you feeding with this?"
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"Christ, I didny know it was so bad as that, all the usual animals gone. But they're coming back? Deer and rabbit--"

He's not so jumpy as to do anything absurd like loose an arrow into the bushes, but after the crab-monsters he's alert: he stills, he's fishing an arrow out of the quiver.
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William laughs, maybe more at his own reaction than at the animal, but it's a funny little fellow. "Who's that wee thief in a mask, then? Some kind of cat?"
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