hecu_marine: Two US Marines, one on his back on the ground with his hands on the other's throat as the one on top tries to punch him (cqc)
Sergeant-Major Adrian Shephard ([personal profile] hecu_marine) wrote2016-10-04 01:58 pm
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Shephard's not entirely clear on exactly when the Douglas kid is from- they didn't teach the kings of Scotland when he was in school- but he knows it's a damn long while back. This is going to be a day for Xen monsters and hunting. Showing off his ship is not on the menu- by the time he got done explaining Borealis alone, never mind PIaDOS, they'd likely have lost so much daylight as to make safe travel in the woods a serious problem. Better, then, to come into Milliways from somewhere a little more explicable- the smokehouse outside the main Rowlesburg cave entrance'll do.

So if Shephard smells like a weird combination of wood smoke and some unknown meat or something when he comes through to Milliways all geared up for a hunting expedition, William, that's why.

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